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 3PM - 5PM

Join us in January outside the Barcelo hotel where the dolphins are held.  We will be standing outside the hotel peacefully with signs and flyers.  The aim is to engage Barcelo hotel guests urging them not to go to the dolphinarium.  We will also ask the guests to speak to their reps and Barcelo management, urging them to close the dolphinarium.  On top of this we will urge guests to #BoycottBarceloHotels until they close the dolphinarium

What to expect?

We are a friendly group of Mexican nationals and foreigners alike.  We are happy to talk to the hotel guests in a friendly manner.  We will provide you with flyers to give out to the tourists.

Please note, it's important to be friendly and respectful to hotel guests and staff at all times.  It's not their fault Barcelo has dolphins on site and many of the Barcelo tourists don't agree with it.

What to bring?

It will mostly likely be hot and like the dolphins in the Barcelo tank we will not have any shade, therefore please be prepared to bring fluids, hat, suncream etc.  We will provide you with flyers to give out but if you want to bring your own sign that is welcomed!

Can foreign nationals and foreign tourists attend the event?


The most common question we're asked by foreigners is if they can attend the event.  People get worried because there is a  law in Mexico that does not allow foreigners to interfere in political affairs, however, dolphinarium protests are NOT POLITICAL.  It's perfectly legal for tourists and foreigners on a working visa to attend these events.  We have organized plenty in the past and they are always successful.

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