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A call to Thomas Cook for accountability and transparency

Yesterday Dolphin Freedom wrote an open letter to the CEO of Thomas Cook, Peter Fankhauser. The letter was sent by recorded delivery.

The letter addresses Thomas Cook’s new contract with Sanya, Atlantis dolphinarium hotel in China. The brand new hotel recently purchased 2 young captured beluga whales from Russia and 10 captured dolphins from Taiji Japan.

Since 28th August we have written several times to Thomas Cook’s Head of Environment, Victoria Barlow and Head of Sustainability, David Ville. Neither of these people have attempted to answer our questions.

It is due to this silence by Thomas Cook’s representatives that we have had no choice but to write to their CEO and to make the letter public.

Thomas Cook have endorsed the capture and enslavement of these whales and dolphins. This breaks all UK national animal welfare standards, however, because it is happening in countries abroad which have little or no animal welfare legislation, Thomas Cook are getting away with it unchallenged. Thomas Cook are a UK tour company. They must be accountable and transparent. If they are not, then it really flags up serious animal abuse practices carried out abroad by UK tour companies.


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