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#DropTheDolphins Tweetstorms & Guardian Ad

Our first tweetstorm was a huge success and we trended at no 12 UK, with 26,000 tweets being sent to Thomas Cook to ask them to #DropTheDolphins. The storm accessed a huge number of Twitter users, 500,000+ and was participated in by people from all over the world. Tweetstorms are an excellent way of highlighting an issue to the public and educating them about the reality of life for animals in marine parks and dolphinaria. Our second tweetstorm proved even better than the first with hundreds of members of the public joining the action. Tweeting was slow going at first due to server problems but an impressive 7000 tweets were sent in the first 45 minutes. Then the server did actually crash but that did not deter people, who tweeted until we trended despite all the odds!

We trended at number 10 UK with a total of 28,500 tweets being tweeted to Thomas Cook and ABTA! The social media frenzy was even noticed by The SUN, who wrote an article covering the tweetstorm bringing even more public attention than we had anticipated! Read the article here

We took out a quarter page advert in the national edition of The Guardian. At a time when people are considering what to do for their summer holiday, this advert was of utmost importance and will have reached hundreds of thousands of people! Our anti-captivity message is crucial to the animals that languish in tanks in holiday hotspots all around the world. By reaching out directly to the public we can influence their choices and help them make ethical decisions considering the captive animals’ welfare and not only seeing them as a commodity of entertainment.


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