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Thomas Cook Continue To Profit From Cruel Marine Parks Worldwide

You may have noticed some weeks ago there was a flurry of news and activity around Thomas Cook and their involvement with the cruel animal captivity industries. The interest coincided with their annual AGM and three significant things happened, although they were passed over with fairly little fanfare.

First, the news broke that Thomas Cook would cease to promote animal attractions online. We very much welcome this move. There had been a few signals that this would be the case. DFUK supporters had been reporting to us that online chats weren’t advising on certain facilities anymore for some time.

Secondly, the CEO spoke on the first day of the AGM to reiterate Thomas Cook’s commitment to their ongoing audits. It’s apparent that the audit is highlighting the welfare issues that have been widely predicted by our campaign. He also acknowledged continued activist pressure.

Thirdly Thomas Cook released a blog. In this blog, they used the word ‘transition’ in relation to marine parks, for the first time in public. This is the really interesting part as this insinuates there may well be a time in the future where Thomas Cook is no longer working with ‘traditional’ marine parks.

It’s also interesting that Thomas Cook chose to bury this little revelation in the blog with no definite details of what such a transition will involve. Perhaps they do not want to give DFUK and other activist groups buoyancy and credit.

If Thomas Cook is serious about a transition they need to confirm to their customers that they will not take on any new business relationships with marine park facilities to replace the parks that have been withdrawn due to animal welfare audit.

This commitment is crucial if Thomas Cook is to be taken seriously as industry leaders in animal welfare that they claim to be. This commitment, which Thomas Cook seem hesitant to make, would confirm a transition period and enable customers to make informed decisions assured by the company’s integrity.

Until Thomas Cook has made clear their intentions to the public, their customers, the campaign against them is necessary and continuing.


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