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Why Dr Joe Dispenza should cancel his retreat in Barcelo hotel, Playa Del Carmen

Dr Joe Dispenza is a public speaker and published author helping people find inner peace through meditation and healing. He has a huge following worldwide and many people speak very highly of his retreats and workshops. It is for this reason we have a heavy heart to learn he will be hosting a retreat in the Grand Maya Barcelo hotel in Playa Del Carmen, which has one of the smallest dolphinariums inside it in the whole of Mexico.

This dolphinarium confines 4 dolphins which were captured from the wild. The tank is tiny, concrete and devoid of any stimulation. Two dolphins died in this tank in 12 months alone. Dr Joe Dispenza's retreat aims to "reach the quantum field" connecting peoples' brains with their hearts. The retreat hosted in Barcelo will attract around 2500 participants and will be spread over a few days in June.

There will be deep meditations and the participants of the retreat will be looking for positive energy, healing and transformation. We feel that the purpose of this retreat will be in complete conflict to the dolphinarium. How can the participants of the retreat heal and invoke positive energy when they are alongside 4 innocent beings that are living an absolute misery? These 4 dolphins are suffering chronic long-term stress and many health illnesses due to captivity. They are slaves and prisoners to the hotel chain and all its guests.


We call on all our supporters to contact Dr Joe Dispenza asap to let him know about the dolphin suffering. 34 international animal welfare organizations wrote to Barcelo recently to raise their serious concerns regarding the dolphinarium.

Please reach out to Dr Joe Dispenza asap and urge him to cancel the retreat at Barcelo

Email him!

Call him on 001 036 4461355

Message him on Instagram drjoedispenza


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